Mink Lash Extensions & YUMI Lashes

Lashes and are applied one-by-one onto the natural lash with a safe lash glue that lasts approximately 3-4weeks depending on the client. The lashes used are synthetic mink so it is a cruelty free treatment.

The extensions give the eyes an instant lift . It is a relaxing procedure and many of our clients fall asleep. There’s no need for mascara as the extensions give the eyes a full, luscious look and as they are water proof, they are perfect for holiday wear.

Eyelash extensions give the effect of natural longer lashes even with little to no makeup.

Semi Permenant Mink Eyelashes (Synthetic) €80
Semi Permenant Refills €40-€60 (Depending on how many lashes are to be refilled)
Semi Permenant Removal €15
Party Eyelashes (3-5 Day Wear) €25 (10-14 Day Wear) €40


FAQ about Eyelash Extension

  • (Semi Permanent Eyelashes) our most popular eyelashes are the semi permanent eyelashes. They are applied one lash at a time allowing them to look very natural on the eye. These Eyelashes come in various lengths depending on the look your going for (natural or dramatic).
  • (Party Lashes) Party lashes are individual cluster lashes that come in small, medium & large depending on your desired effect. The eyelash glue used makes these lashes last for 3-4 days.
  • (Strip Lashes) these lashes gently peel away as they are applied with a latex glue. To reuse peel the glue of the lash and re-apply.

Tips on Eyelash Extensions

  • Use an oil free make up remover gently around the lashes to take of eye makeup as this will allow you longer out of the lashes.
  • When you are applying eye makeup, Hold the lashes down with tissue so excess eye shadow doesn’t flake away the glue.
  • Apply liquid eye liner along the lash line for a more dramatic look, this will also elongate the lash line.

YUMI Lashes:

YUMI Lashes is a treatment that lifts, curls  and tints your natural lash. It is an ideal treatment for anyone who wants to enhance their own eyelashes but doesn’t like the idea or the maintenance of eyelash extensions. Treatment is contraindicated for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

YUM Lashes are €50 and treatment time is 45 minutes.


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