Gel & Acrylic Nails

Absolute Beauty by Sarah are renowned for fantastic Gel and Acrylic nails, using a variety of different colours, glitters, shapes & sizes offering our clients the best in gel nail application.

FAQ about Gel/Acrylic extensions

They last 2-3 weeks and will then need to be refilled.
They come in any shape or size you desire. Form an everyday natural look to an exciting stiletto shape nail along with amazing nail art, including rhinestones and glitter.
No, once you come into the salon they can be removed properly by an experienced Nail Technician.

Tips to keep your nails in good condition:

  • Treat your hands as jewels not tools, i.e. wear gloves, use moisturizers on your cuticles and try stay away from opening soda cans with your nail.
  • Never bite or pick at your Gel Nails as will damage the Nail.
  • If painting the nails at home, use a non acetone nail varnish remover, so not to weaken the gel.
  • Always use a cuticle oil.
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