Multivitamin Power Serum

Mv power serum


Multivitamin Power Serum by Amy Gannon
No matter what skin aging cannot be reversed, by the time we reach 30 we will on each subsequent birthday have lost 1% of collagen!
Collagen production slows as we age which then triggers a loss of elasticity in the skin. But there are steps you can take to control this. The signs of ageing can be minimzed and further damage can be controlled.

New research has discovered ingredients that work on a Biochemical level to control aging, ingredients such as: glucosamine, peptides and lactic acid.

This serum is age fighting serum containing vitamins A,C and E and these new ingredients which increases skin recovery, decreases fine lines age spots and defends skin against ageing .
This serum feels amazing on the skin, its lightweight and can be applied under your moisturiser in conjunction with your other age smart products. Works best with your Overnight repair serum and Dynamic skin recovery SPf30.


Also comes with a free Age smart gift upon purchase in Sandy Secrets!

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