Spray Tan

Sunless tanning is more popular than ever as many of us begin to understand the benefits of fake tanning (Spray Tanning).

We offer 2 types of tan at Absolute Beauty:

Bellamianta Tan 

California Tan

FAQ About Spray Tans

Spray tannning will last approx 5 Days.
California and Bellamianta tan can be tailored to your skin type or tone, allowing us to offer you exactly what you want, whether it be light, medium or dark.
Loose dark clothing to prevent any of the spray sticking to your clothes.
We recommend to Exfoliate with a good body exfoliant the night before your spray to remove all dead skin, to give a flawless look.

Tips about Spray Tan

  • To help make your tan last even longer, make sure to use a hydrating body cream as this will nourish the skin allowing longer lasting tan.
  • Use a body wash that doesn’t contain too much alcohol or fragrance as this will strip the skin of its natural oils, thus drying out the tan.
  • To help remove your tan use body exfoliating gloves with a body scrub, this will help your tan gradually fade away.

Full Body Spray Tan €30 - Tan Thursday€20- Legs Only €20 - Upper Body €20