Summer sun and our skin

With it being Summer time one thing we should all be aware of is how to keep our skin protected from harmful sun damage whether its at home here in Ireland or abroad on our Summer holidays. We all love to feel the sun on our skin but realistically I don’t think we know the after affects and the true extent as to how the sun can actually damage our skin.

Nowadays most of us are all concerned with aging and we spend so much money on specialised products and treatments trying to prevent and reverse the signs of aging and the main cause of this is actually the sun. Living in Ireland our sunny days are definitely limited and I think SPF use is one thing we can all admit to not using enough of on a day to day basis. Ageing is just one of the many after affects of too much sun exposure. More than 80% of our skin damage is actually caused by sun exposure.

Early skin wrinkling, age spots, cell damage and not to mention skin cancer have all been found as a result off too much sun. As UV rays penetrate our skin the break down the elastin fibers in the skin which is what gives our skin a saggy, lack luster wrinkly look. One thing we all love is a tan and I for one spend all year round wearing false tanning awaiting my summer holidays so I can get one naturally. That lovely golden colour we all strive for spending hours lying in the sun to achieve is actually as a result of damage to the top layer, the epidermis of the skin. When we tan in the sun, the UV rays accelerate our production of melanin our skins pigment causing us to go brown. As we hear more and more about the effects of the sun on our skin I definitely started looking after my skin more and more when it comes to sun exposure.

Sunscreen is a product designed to help keep our skin protected from harmful rays. These products contain a physical blocker normally titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which protect from UVA and UVB. Sun creams are completely safe and effective and can be used everyday. They help to shield important proteins in the skin like elastin and keratin which keeps the skin smooth and firm and who doesn’t want smooth firm skin ! You can even find sun screens in a lot of daily moisturisers which I think is great beacause your not only getting the hydrating moisturising benefits your getting the added protection from the sunscreen. The recommended daily SPF for the face is 15 and most make ups these days contain an SPF which will also give the skin that added protection.

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